7 Fitness Hacks Only the Pros Know


Don’t feel bad if you’re new to fitness and don’t know everything there is to know about it. It’s okay! There are plenty of things I’ve learned along the way that have helped me become a better athlete. Though there’s nothing wrong with being humble about where you are in your fitness journey, no matter how far along it is, it does help to keep learning about fitness so you can be more informed when making decisions about your health. So whether you’re starting out on a fitness journey or have been at it for years—or even decades—keep reading! We’ve got seven hacks only the pros know:

1. Get a Creative Workout Buddy

A workout buddy is someone who can help you stay motivated, push yourself harder, and try new things. It’s also important to have a workout partner because they will keep you accountable for your workouts. If you are working out in the evening after work, then having a friend who is also trying to lose weight will make sure that neither of you skip out on your planned workouts. You don’t want to let your buddy down or vice versa! Finally, it’s always great when the two (or more) of you can hold each other accountable for keeping fit by scheduling regular workouts together.

2. Use Your Phone’s Timer

You can use your phone’s timer to take breaks. It’s a great way to ensure that you’re doing something for yourself, but it also helps keep track of how much time you spend working out in an hour and give yourself a break when necessary.

Here are some examples of how you might use the timer:

Use 30-minute intervals. A lot of people like taking breaks every 30 minutes because it means they’re never too far away from their next one. This is especially helpful if the workout involves heavy lifting or any other strenuous activity where your muscles may need more time before they can recover again, but still want to stay on track with their goals by keeping up with their schedule and not letting too much extra rest creep into their workouts as well.

Use hour-long intervals instead if that works better for your schedule or lifestyle (though this is more likely only if there isn’t much variance between what types of exercises/workouts come up throughout different days).

3. Warm Up The Right Way

A warm-up is essential because it’s the only time you can prepare your body for exercise. Warming up helps prevent injuries, improves performance and increases flexibility.

The best way to warm up is by doing some lower intensity exercises that focus on mobility and range of motion. Here are a few examples:

Jog slowly around the block, then do a few stretches

Jump rope or do some basic jump rope drills like double unders (jumping over the rope while it’s underneath your feet) or skips (jumping over rope without letting it touch your feet)

• Ride a stationary bike at low resistance for 5 minutes

4. Don’t be Scared to Lift Heavy

If you’re afraid of lifting heavy, it’s time to get over it. The heavier the weight, the more muscle fibers are triggered and stimulated in your body. This means that lifting heavy weights will increase your overall strength and endurance. So don’t be scared to lift heavy! However, don’t over do it.

5. Attend a New Class

There are all kinds of ways you can get inspired to try new things. One of the best ways is to attend a new class every now and then. It’s amazing how much fun this can be! You will learn new things, get a new perspective on your fitness, and be inspired by the other people in the class. If you think about it, you will also be more motivated to stick with it because what’s better than trying something completely new?

6. Track Your Progress With an App

As you’re working on your fitness, it’s important to track progress and see how far you’ve come. That way, when you look back at where you started, it will be easier to see how far you’ve come! The most important thing is to find an app that works for YOU. Try out a few different ones until the one that works best for YOU comes along! In addition to tracking your workouts and other stats like weight or heart rate (if applicable), most apps have features that allow users to set goals and track their progress towards their goal.

One popular app is MyFitnessPal (MFP) which allows its users to create custom plans based off their own personal goals. MFP also offers recipes if someone would like ideas on what they can eat while still being healthy while working out regularly! Another great feature MFP has is its ability for people who want advice from experts in order help keep themselves motivated throughout their journey towards reaching those fitness goals!

7. Get tech-savvy and track your stats with a gadget

Want to know how many calories you burn during a workout? A wearable will track them for you.

Want to know how many steps you took today, or if that was your longest workout yet? A wearable will keep track of those stats.

Looking for motivation and accountability? Apps like Fitocracy and MyFitnessPal can help keep things on track. They’ll also help motivate with social media features like “badge” achievements and leader-boards that let you see where other users are at in terms of their fitness goals.

Bonus!!! Always Keep Learning About Fitness

The more you learn about fitness and the more you attempt new things, the better you will get. It is important to learn from others, but it’s also important to learn from your own mistakes and successes. Keep learning about fitness so that you can always be the best version of yourself!

The following are some tips for keeping up with your personal fitness:

Seek out new ideas from friends and family members who have been doing things like yoga or CrossFit for a while. You can even try asking them what they love most about their workout routines!

Try out a few different workouts at home or at the gym before deciding which one fits in with your schedule best (and which one makes you feel good). Find something that gets those endorphins pumping without making any one part of your body hurt too much (or at all).


This might be a lot to take in, but don’t let it overwhelm you! The best thing to do is experiment with these hacks and see what works for your body and your goals. Whether you’re trying out a new class or trying to perfect the plank pose, there’s always something new that can help improve your fitness routine. And remember: the more you practice these tips, the better off you’ll be when it comes time for your next workout session!

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