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Looking to build muscle, lose fat and get the body you’ve always wanted? This four-week workout plan is the perfect starting point for those who are new to exercise. In this article, we’ll go over the overall structure of this program and how each week will change.

Basics of a workout routine

The first step to getting a workout routine is to figure out what kind of workout you want. Do you want to work on your upper body, lower body or core? Are you looking for a strength-based routine or something more cardio-focused? It’s important to do research and consider your goals before starting any exercise program because this will help ensure that the exercises are effective at helping you reach them.

Week 1: Cardio + Strength

Now that you’re familiar with the basics of a good workout routine, let’s jump right into the first week.

The first thing we need to do is get our cardio and strength training in. I like to recommend doing this three times per week on non-consecutive days, so that way you can rest your muscles between workouts and give them time to repair themselves after each session. With this in mind, I’ve set up this four-week plan with three days of cardio training followed by one day of strength training; then repeat!

Here are the basics:

Cardio should be done for 30-60 minutes per session at an intensity level that burns at least 3 calories per kilogram of body weight (about 5-7 METs). This means if you weigh 160 pounds (72.5 kilograms), your heart rate should stay above 130 beats per minute while exercising—but don’t worry if it doesn’t come naturally right away; all it means is that you need more practice!

Strength training should be done 2-3 times per week for 30-60 minutes each time at an intensity level where 8 or fewer repetitions can be completed before muscular failure occurs (meaning when fatigue sets in and makes it impossible to complete another repetition). If possible, lift heavy weights with low reps and high sets; this will maximize lean muscle mass development while minimizing body fat gain since high volume sets stimulate growth hormone secretion which signals cell proliferation within muscle fibers–the result being bigger muscles!

Week 2: Full Body

Week 2: Full Body

Warm-up (5–10 minutes)

Start with 10–15 minutes of light cardio and dynamic stretching, then move into a 5-minute strength circuit. Perform the following exercises in order and rest for 1 minute after each round:

Exercise 1: Barbell Deadlift – 3 x 8 repetitions; Weighted Pull-Ups – 3 x 8 repetitions; Dumbbell Rows – 3 x 8 repetitions

Exercise 2: Incline Dumbbell Bench Press – 3 x 10 repetitions; Dumbbell Shoulder Presses – 3 x 10 repetitions; Reverse Lunges – 3 x 10 reps on each leg

Exercise 3: Band Push-Ups or Regular Pushups – 10 reps, rest 30 seconds and repeat for two more sets

Week 3: Circuit Training

Circuit training is a type of exercise that involves moving from one exercise to another with little or no rest between exercises. It’s important to note that circuit training isn’t just limited to the gym; you can do it at home or in your own backyard (if you have enough space). While some people may think this method of exercising sounds like torture, it can be quite beneficial for building strength, endurance and burning fat — especially when performed correctly.

Week 4: HIIT

In this week’s workout, you’ll be doing HIIT (high intensity interval training). This type of workout is great for improving your cardiovascular health and burning fat. It’s also really effective at helping you get fit, as well as improving your overall health.

To perform a HIIT workout, you need to alternate between short bursts of intense exercise and short periods of recovery such that the total work performed during each session is very large relative to its duration. In other words: You will go all out for 30 seconds then rest for 90 seconds before going all out again!

Try out this four-week workout plan for a new you!!

Focus on cardio, strength and circuit training. It’s a great way to get fit and healthy, feel better, more energy and be more confident


The key to any workout plan is consistency. If you can stick with this schedule for four weeks, then you’ll be on your way to feeling stronger and more confident in your body than ever before!

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