The Grinder Model

Welcome back dear reader. Let’s continue looking at how we can take better care of our minds and bodies. Most times we find ourselves in negative states of mind that affect our overall performance. But with the Grinder Model, we can learn better ways to navigate from such states to better states that give us the performances we want. Two things control the state of mind we are in; our breath and our physiology. If you find yourself in a state where you feel horrible, then controlling your breath (the rate and depth) can greatly impact your state. We all know the importance of good oxygenation and the profound effect it can have on our bodies. And this leads us to the second important thing: physiology. The state of mind we are in is always determined by our posture. Someone who is tired tends to have a slouched posture while a vibrant person has a stable balanced body posture. If you just adjust your physiology to be much stable and balanced, this will significantly change your state! Remember that emotion follows motion.

In summary let’s take home this important model: 


Why Time is Your Most Precious Asset

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that time is our most precious asset. We all have the same amount of hours in a day, no matter if you are a CEO or an entrepreneur.