What You Need To Know About Athleisure

So you’ve been hitting the gym hard, but have no idea what to wear? Well, fear not! The athleisure trend is here to save your life. Seriously, it’s not just a style thing; there are practical benefits as well. In this article I will talk about why athleisure is taking over the world and how it can benefit you and your fitness goals.


Athleisure is the trend that’s taking over the world. You might have seen it on catwalks, in shops, and online. It’s a combination of fitness and fashion—a great way to stay active and look stylish without sacrificing your personal style.

The need for comfortable clothing has never been greater than it is now as consumers want clothes that allow them to attend a power yoga session in the morning, then head straight to work or to get errands done without having to change their outfit along the way. Athleisure is the new black and it’s everywhere!

Athleisure is a broader term than just leggings or joggers by itself and can include tracksuits, sweatpants, jackets and hoodies. Athleisure refers to athletic wear that has become fashionable enough for everyday wear. It’s not about gym clothes anymore but rather an elevated version of activewear that you can wear outside of the gym too – because who wants to spend all day doing laundry?

Where did athleisure start? 

Athleisure is a trend, but it’s more than just that. The word athleisure is a combination of the words “athlete” and “leisure.” Athleisure is not just a style of clothing; it’s an entire lifestyle, and you can see this reflected in the way people dress and live their lives. Athletes dress in comfortable clothing when they are off the field or court, which makes them look like they’re relaxing at home when they’re actually getting ready for their next game or match. For example, LeBron James wears sweatshirts and shorts on his days off from basketball games even though he could probably wear anything he wanted without anyone noticing because he’s LeBron James!

Who wears athleisure? 

The rise of athleisure has been a boon for fashion lovers, as it’s now possible to dress casually even when you’re not working out. The sporty trend can be worn at all times and in any setting, from office parties to weddings and beyond.

Who wears athleisure?

Athleisure is not just for hardcore gym rats—it’s for everyone! Whether you’re training for a marathon or hitting the gym once a month, there’s no reason why you can’t look stylish while doing it. Athletes aren’t the only ones who can enjoy this trend; anyone who works out regularly will benefit from wearing comfortable clothes that allow them to move freely without sacrificing style. You don’t have to be an athlete to get excited about athleisure; if anything, being active makes dressing in comfy clothes even more fun!

Athleisure offers so much more than just comfort and style  

When it comes to getting dressed, the athleisure trend offers so much more than just comfort and style – there are benefits too!

Athleisure clothing is comfortable. The elastic waistbands and soft fabrics make it easy to wear for long periods of time. You’ll never feel restricted or uncomfortable in your workout gear. Plus, soft fabrics like cotton blend with natural fibers to keep you warm during cold weather seasons while still feeling cool during hot weather seasons.

Athleisure clothing is stylish. The trendy designs on these pieces make them look great while they’re worn out as part of an active lifestyle or simply lounging around the house watching television on Sunday afternoon with your favorite people!

Athleisure clothing is practical—it can be used for both work AND play (hence the name). Most pieces can transition from office attire into weekend wear without any problems whatsoever—just change up the accessories if necessary!

Athleisure clothing is affordable compared to similar items elsewhere because they’re made by one manufacturer instead of many smaller companies working independently without coordination between one another; which means fewer expenses incurred by each individual brand trying their hand at making athletic apparel/accessories. It also means that when we buy from these brands directly through online retailers like Jumia (as opposed to shopping at local retail locations), we save even more money since there isn’t any overhead associated with running brick-and-mortar stores such as Target or Walmart.”

Practical clothing does not mean compromising on style anymore

When we think of practical clothing, we often think of something that is not very stylish. This can be true in some cases, but it doesn’t have to be! Athleisure is the way to get both comfort and style in your wardrobe.

Athleisure is versatile enough to be worn for any activity or event. You can wear it to work out at the gym, on an outdoor hike or even just around town on a casual day with friends.


Athleisure offers so much more than just comfort and style – there are benefits too! Wearing activewear helps boost your motivation for workouts and gives you an opportunity to show off what you’ve got!

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