Why Time is Your Most Precious Asset


It’s a universally acknowledged truth that time is our most precious asset. We all have the same amount of hours in a day, no matter if you are a CEO or an entrepreneur. But the way we spend our time makes a huge difference in how much we accomplish and how happy we are. So if you want to be successful and happy, learn to manage your time well.

You get the same amount of time every day

You get the same amount of time every day, no matter your wealth. You can’t earn more time, save up time, or get more time. Time is the one thing that everyone has in equal amounts and you can’t use it to buy more time!

It’s a harsh reality check on how important it is to manage your time well because if you don’t take control of it, you’re going to lose out on opportunities and not be productive with your days.

You have so much potential as a human being but only if you choose to do something meaningful with your life instead of wasting time away passively watching Netflix all day long.

Time is the one asset that you can’t save up or earn more of.

Time is the one asset that you can’t save up or earn more of. It is a finite resource, non-renewable, perishable and limited. When someone says “I don’t have time for this” what they really mean is that the task at hand isn’t important enough to them or doesn’t align with their priorities in life right now.

Time becomes even more precious when we realize how rapidly our days are passing by us at an ever increasing rate as we age:

At age five, a typical child has about 3 billion heartbeats left before he dies (this number changes throughout childhood).

By age 30, most people have only 1/3rd remaining heartbeats left until death (this number also changes throughout adulthood).

Our perception of time influences how we use it.

It’s a common mistake to think that time is an objective measurement. In reality, it’s more of a perception than an actual thing—and what we perceive about this resource can have a profound effect on our lives.

Consider how different things would be if you were suddenly granted an extra 150 years of life: How would your days change? Would you spend more time with family? Would you start that business or blog? Would you travel more often? Or maybe even work part-time instead of full-time so that you could pursue other passions?

While such changes may seem like they’d bring joy into our lives, the truth is that they wouldn’t actually change much at all. Instead, they would merely cause us to spend more time doing what we already do—but in greater abundance. What’s more important is how we use our current allotment of days and hours. This requires us to make better decisions about how we manage them because each passing minute represents something precious and irreplaceable (at least for now).

You have a limited amount of time to achieve your goals.

You have a limited amount of time to achieve your goals. You can’t save up time, earn more time, or buy more time. You can only trade it for more time. There is no other way to get more out of your life than to invest in yourself and others by helping them reach their goals. If you want to live a good life then you must invest wisely in your health, relationships and career because these are investments that will help you create abundance in every area of your life!

When you waste time, you lose out on opportunities.

If you make mistakes, those are opportunities for learning; if something doesn’t work out as planned, that’s an opportunity to try something else; if there’s a problem that needs solving or an area of improvement in your life or business—it’s all an opportunity!

But chances are good that if we don’t take action on these things that need our attention, they’re going to continue being problems or issues. So whether it’s finding new ways to solve old problems or trying out new ideas and techniques until we find something that sticks with us.

Technology has had a big impact on our perception of time.

As humans, we have always tried to maximize our time and make the most of the moments in our lives. Throughout history, technology has made a big impact on how we perceive time. Today’s technology allows us to accomplish more tasks than ever before in less time. It’s also made us more impatient and distracted due to constant availability and instant gratification. Although these advances have improved our productivity and quality of life, there are also some drawbacks that come with them.


So, to recap: time is your most precious asset. You can’t save it up or earn more of it. And we have a limited amount of time to achieve our goals. When you waste time, you lose out on opportunities and opportunities are what make us successful and happy. Time management is important for everyone, but especially for entrepreneurs who have many responsibilities in their lives.

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