Your Mind, our Business

People are talking about taking care of their bodies, building their muscles and doing all they can to keep themselves fit. In as much as we do our best to maintain our bodies, equal attention should be given to the mind because what most of us don’t know is that the mind and body is one system. One can’t function without the other. And today we shall focus on how to take care of our minds. Our conscious and unconscious minds work in sync to run our lives. Most times we like to believe that our minds are so strong that they can’t fall under external influence. But it’s important to know that our unconscious mind is always recording everything that is happening in our environment, and since it’s hard to choose what to take and what to leave, it’s much easier to not put ourselves in such situations in the first place. So that means regulating how much media we consume because our minds are highly receptive to media attention and feeds. Being mindful of what we watch, listen to and what media accounts we follow, we are taking a step in taking care of our vulnerable minds. It’s also equally important to be aware of our close social circles because those are the people, we have laid our trust on, thus their influence in our lives is inevitable. We are more likely to try out what they like, mirror their tastes in fashion, share the same hobbies as them. Therefore, it’s very likely that our minds have formed very strong bonds with them that our thoughts easily bend in their presence. Actually, research done by a famous hypnotist George Estabrook in the 50’s show people are likely to break 20% of their moral code when in a group setting and the percentage is likely to shoot with the level of trust. 

Everyone of us likes to believe that we are unique and different, which is actually very true. This most of the time leads to the conclusion that we are independent thinkers who can only follow what we want. And the quality of our thoughts is so much determined by the quality of our self-talk. Whatever we feed our minds with, that is what our minds believe to be true and it aligns it with our beliefs and values. This shows how the auto suggestive nature of the mind impacts our lives on a deep level. In simple terms, this is to mean that whatever thoughts we repeat to ourselves, our minds automatically and unconsciously accept them. So, it’s easy to see how quality thoughts will improve our lives and how negative thoughts can lead us down the drain.

Today’s final routine is one that all the members of this great community are great at: taking care of our bodies. This, we know is in all ways all of us are aware of, ranging from eating healthy to exercising regularly. What I can add to this is only to emphasize on relaxing our bodies after intense activities. This is to ensure that our muscles are not overstressed or hurt and it always works great in keeping us in relaxed states of minds. Remember the mind and body as one system? A healthy body means a healthy mind and a healthy mind means great performance. Take that into account and you will remain fit mentally and physically. See you in the next session mate!

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